Thank youfor visiting Radio Cubao. The blog has undergone changes through the years. And there were times I wonder if it was worth closing down but somehow I never got to doing it, which seemed now serendipitous. This blog is the house of my podcasts, videocasts and multimedia posts. Recently, I just finished a co-produced radio show at DWIZ and this blog will also be hosting episodes from our defunct program Mag Internet Tayo. DWIZ relaunched the show recently as DWIZ Mag Internet Tayo version 2 or something, we wish them luck in their work if you are interested in DWIZ Mag Internet Tayo please visit their site and FB page.

So there its is this blog is the house of my podcasts, videocasts, broadcasta and multimedia posts.

Juned is an Information Specialist, Aquarist, Digital Media, On-line Reputation Management Specialist; Blogger and member of the faculty of the U.P. Science and Society Progrom, College of Science, University of the Philippones. He lives in Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines.

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